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Current Vacancies

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: -Receive assigned list of current clients. -Achieve target set for assigned clients. -Set forecast for sales opportunities with current clients on daily bases. -Responsible for retaining all clients in the designated area. -Propose solutions to account management head/ agency manager to retain clients. -Study all details related to assigned client businesses, market status, competition conditions,… -Set weekly client visit plan. -Update all clients with any new or discontinued service. -Meet current clients to maintain relationship, negotiate quotation, explore opportunities and collect intelligence. -Handle any exceptional requests from clients concerning pricing or free days with Account management head -Report outcome of client visits on system. -Receive reefer availability report from equipment control/ vessel operation and plan for intense selling plan for the reefers on hand. -Update and renew quotations for customers, and update all related details on system. QUALIFICATIONS: -Education : Bachelor degree -Years of experience : 4-5 Years -Computer skills : MS Office -Language skills : Excellent command of English
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: -Leads the creation of a recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position identifying effective sources efficiently and effectively to fill open positions. -Works with hiring managers to develop job descriptions along with updating current Job Descriptions of all IACC affiliates -Conducts new employee orientations to ensure employees gain an understanding of benefits & Counsels employees and potential employees on plan provisions -Organize & attends employment fairs to present IACC Holdings affiliates for sourcing and employer branding purposes -Plans & implements benefits administration to employees for retention -Offers employee services and counseling advices -Develop the human resources department tools & processes -Participates in developing department goals, objectives, and systems. -Participates in staff meetings and attends other meetings & seminars. -Participates in the conduct of investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth. -Recommends employee relations practices necessary to establish a positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee morale and motivation. -Assists in the development of IACC policies and procedures, as well as communicating and announcing them to employees to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company -Ensures that employees of all IACC Holdings affiliates conducts their performance evaluation during mid-year Performance review & Final Year Assessment QUALIFICATIONS: -Education : Bachelor’s Degree in Management Technology/ Business. Preferably Human Resources Management Major/ HR Certificate /HR Diploma -Years of experience: 5+ years of experience in HR, knowledge of hiring processes, expertise in HR policies and procedures -Computer skills : MS Office -Language skills : Excellent command of English
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: • Participate in the implementation of new systems. • Responsible for IT hardware assets and accessories procurement. • Set a backup plan for all users’ data and all systems data. • Research and maintain up-to –date software, data file security. • Monitor and report system performance for all internal clients. • Participate in the installation and upgrading of all software, hardware, cabling, terminals, and networking to meet users’ needs. • Responsible for company’s surveillance system monitoring and maintaining. • Provide technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware through standard help desk procedures • Resolve technical problems with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and other systems. • Follow up with Employees to ensure issue has been resolved. • Gain feedback from Employees about computer usage and performance. • Run a preventive maintenance plan for all computer of users. • Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions in FAQs knowledge base. QUALIFICATIONS: Education : Bachelor degree, B.SC of Engineering Years of experience : 0-2 years Computer skills : MS Office – Network Fundamentals – MS Windows Servers 2008 or later versions and clients (MS Windows 8 and later versions) – Active Directory- surveillance systems (DVR – Cameras – Access Doors) - Preferred MS SQL knowledge. working knowledge of fundamental operations of relevant software, hardware and other equipment Language skills : Excellent command of English
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILTIES: -Implement Administration processes, invoices and other miscellaneous payments/expenses documents for the department. -Responds to department inquiries and requests from subsidiaries -Update regularly the store archiving plan ( in & out files) -Retrieve files from stores when requested and keep data records updated -Work on daily updated the database and archiving system (laser fiche) in order to supports all related tracking systems. -Receive Admin requests from admin help desk and respond to queries accurately -Provide administrative support to subsidiaries -Carry out purchase requests and the following procedures -Collect and review quotations on a regular basis -Creates PO and review deliverables based on the PO and approvals -Handle travel quotations ,arrangements, scheduling, conference and events and responsible for its coordination and equipment -Update department suppliers database and handle the renewal of suppliers contract -Record and update company car license, expenses and insurance…etc. -Record payments expenses & raise monthly invoices and reports -Update , review monthly and quarterly premises custodian -Record, update and file employee custodian -Maintain minimum level stationary supplies and coordinate deliveries. -Keep minimum stationary level of stuff -Regular update the suppliers evaluation -Follow up on office maintenance and contact concerned parties: electrician, carpenter…etc. -Order and record canteen & cleaning supplies -Work on Admin applications -Carry out administrative duties of the department to fulfil the needs of all employees QUALIFICATIONS: -Bachelor's degree or equivalent, -4+ years of total relevant experience -Knowledge of ERP Systems is a plus -Reservations & Bookings -Budgeting Alignment -Financial & Accounting Analysis -Job-Specific Skills: o Ability to set up and organize database and Spreadsheets o Ability to efficiently use MS Office (Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint) -Good knowledge of dealing with Local and international vendors.